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The average baseball game lasts approximately three hours. The time it takes for each team to record 27 outs can vary with every swing of the bat, though. Each pitch, each hit, each diving catch all have an impact on the game. Sometimes if you blink, you’ll miss it.

Jesse Piecuch is here to record it all.

A Photographer from Woodard Photographic, Piecuch is an everyday regular at Eastwood Field. An avid baseball fan, he grew up dreaming of taking action shots of his boyhood heroes playing the game he loved. His dream has come true as he sets up shop every evening taking pictures of the game, inside and out. His work is noticed by fans on Shots of kids playing between inning games, National Anthem singers and groups from games can be found there. Also, he has been picked up by the grand stage,, the official website of Minor League baeseball. On four seperate occasions, so far, Piecuch has been featured on the Photo of the Week section. It is an honor he says is completely humbling.

The Scrappers Scoop discussed with Piecuch what drives his passion for sports, photography and the great game of baseball.

Scrappers Scoop : What got you into photography?

Jesse Piecuch: When I was younger I loved to collect baseball cards. The action shots always seemed to capture my imagination, and I was always disappointed when the card was just a guys portrait. When I figured out that baseball wasn’t in my future, I knew I still wanted to be around the game. Photography just seemed like a good way to combine two things that I’ve always enjoyed.

SS: Would you say sports photography has always been a hobby for you?

JP: Photography was never a hobby for me. I’m a very impulsive person, so I literally decided in one day that I was going to be a photographer. There was never even a question what I was going to shoot. It was going to be baseball.

SS: What type of equipment do you use each game?

JP: I use a Canon Mark IIN camera body attached to a Canon 300mm f/2.8 L series lens for the action. That basically means my camera is really fast and sharp, and my lens gets some distance and lets in a lot of light!

SS: How does it feel to be a notorious member on MILB’s “Photo of the Week” list?

JP: It truly is an honor. There are 240 teams in Minor League baseball and you can always find someone with a camera at the park every night. I’ve been very fortunate that the Scrappers have an exciting team and the games have been pretty action packed. Hopefully we can keep it going and get the club some exposure every week!

SS: Where would you like your career to eventually take you?

JP: Well, let me first say that the company I currently work for, Woodard Photographic, is a first class company. Like the Scrappers, they are stacked with talent! I have learned more from the other photographers I work with then I did in college. However; my ultimate destination is to be a full time team photographer. I want to shoot an organization from top to bottom every day!

SS: What is it like showing up to work at a baseball stadium, each day?

JP: This season has been phenomenal. My goal coming in was to keep my head down and try to stay out of everyone’s way. Instead, I have met some outstanding people and made some great friends. I can’t wait to get to the ball park every day just to see everyone! I’m willing to bet that is one of the reasons why my images have been coming out so well!