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“All I ever wanted was to be president of the American League” – A. Bartlett Giamatti

After a year hiatus, the Scrappers Scoop is back with a new look, new information, and a new angle.  We all love summers at Eastwood Field, but this time around we’re going to give you a first row ticket to what happens in the off-season and the people who make Scrappers Baseball come to life every June.

As we embark on the 2013-2014 off-season here is your Mahoning Valley Scrappers starting lineup:

General Manager – Jordan Taylor

Assistant General Manager Marketing – Heather Sahli

Assistant General Manager Sales – Matt Thompson (@MattyT_6)

Assistant General Manager Stadium Operations and Concessions – Brad Hooser (@HooserBrad)

Group Sales Manager – Chris Sumner

Box Office and Merchandise Manager – Stephanie Novak (@StephanieNovak)

Accounting Manager – Courtney Perrino (@Court_kneeeP)

My name is Annie Stoltenberg (@astoltenberg) and after two summers of on-field hosting for the Scrappers I’m now a Marketing Intern this fall.  Though I don’t aspire to be president of the American League anytime soon, I have known that I wanted to work in Minor League Baseball since my first baseball concessions job ten years ago.  For me, Minor League Baseball embodies everything America’s Greatest Pastime should be.  It is family oriented, it rewards hard work and resiliency, and it’s full of baseball magic.

Why watch Minor League Baseball many people ask? Well, how many times have you seen an inside the park home run?  I saw undrafted free agent Cody Ferrell hit one here at Eastwood Field this last season.  What about a player hitting for the cycle?  St. Louis Cardinals’ prospect Jimmy Bosco accomplished that very feat on June 26, 2013 in Mahoning Valley.  Even more impressive, it was one day after he hit his first professional home run.  Minor Leagues though sometimes unrefined, are often baseball at its very best.

We often joke that there is no better stage for a reality tv show than a Minor League baseball office.  Though we may not have as much drama as the “Real World”, everyone here has an interesting story.  Every week I’ll post on this blog about my experiences in my first year working in a Minor League front office.  Follow along to learn a little more about us, what life working in baseball is really like, and a lot more about the ins and outs of Scrappers Baseball.