You’re Killing Me Smalls

Posted: October 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“People ask me what I do in the winter when there’s no baseball.  I’ll tell you what I do.  I stare out the window and wait for spring” ~ Roger Hornsby

It’s been a little over a month since the season ended.  Players have left, the clubhouse is spotless and jerseys have been washed, ironed, and placed in storage.  So what does a Minor League front office do in the off season?  For starters, we don’t just look out the window and wait for spring, we plan for it.

For the next few months it’s going to be planning, meetings, and then meetings about planning.  Meetings often have the connotation of being long and boring.  However, Minor League Baseball is not your typical business. Our job is not only to create revenue and provide a premium atmosphere for baseball’s top prospects, but also to allow our fans to have as much fun as possible.

In an average weekly promotions meeting we may talk about 90’s boy bands, monkeys who ride dogs and herd sheep (check this out!), Dancing with the Stars, and how one employee (who shall remain nameless) has never seen Boy Meets World.  I’ll give one highly coveted front office signed baseball to the first person who can correctly answer who the employee is.

It is in these meetings that the seeds for Zombie Apocalypse Night are planted and the not so great ideas like Tin Foil Appreciation Day are tossed to the wayside.  The challenge is not only to predict what will be popular eight months from now, but also what fans here in the Mahoning Valley will like.  We also take into consideration our brand image, and the reputation of our sponsors.  A good promotions schedule should be creatively mesh both pop culture and the identity of the region while positively enforcing a team and their sponsors’ role in the community.

Often times the best ideas and biggest office arguments happen while spit balling about promotions.   Should we get our very own food truck? Would fans like a Rush themed fireworks show or a Drake Appreciation Night? Should we have a date auction? What does a fox really say?  Should we have a Texas A&M football night or Ohio State football night? Shockingly, I’m always out voted on the last one.

In this last week’s promotions meeting the gauntlet was thrown down over what is the best baseball movie of all time.  Not so surprisingly we all had a different idea of what it should be, so we would like to ask our fans to help settle it once and for all.  You never know, the winning movie may be incorporated into the 2014 promotions schedule!

  1. Dan Duskey says:

    What? No Field if Dreams? And I’ll guess Heather, on the Boy Meets World question.

  2. John Fockler says:

    Neither of my favorites are here, though: Eight Men Out and A League of Their Own.

  3. Field of Dreams and A League of Their Own were both mentioned but didn’t make our final cut. Though I will consider them.

    Heather is incorrect! The signed baseball is still up for grab!

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